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My name is Agustin Arellano. I am 24 years old professional polo player and male model. I competed for the US team at age 15 in Tianjin China. I have been playing professionally since I was 14. I head the American Polo Horse Association. I have played in countries all over the world including Argentina, Brazil, England, and China. I grew up traveling the world for polo and the mix of cultures has really left a mark on me. It has manifested a deep-rooted love for fashion which has influenced my modeling career.

I spent my teenage years grinding with my athletic career which has allowed me the opportunity to further pursue my modeling career. I am so grateful to have been signed with two amazing agencies that allow me to maneuver my modeling career with my athletics career. I am inspired by my love of culture, horses, and sport. My travels have inspired a love for conservation. I am currently partnered with Fauna & Flora International and am an active member of the philanthropic community. I will be once again representing my country (USA) this October in the largest polo nations cup in the world. I am currently represented by my Mother Agent, Dale Hailstones, and my New York Agency: Marilyn Agency NY.

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